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BFI: The film was completed with the participation of the international charitable fund, Bright Future International.


Monday. A girl nicked named Princess lives in Moscow’s suburban town “Rentgen”, which is divided between a local Russian gang and a Chechen refugee’s gang.

Princess’ parents leave town during the week to make money in Moscow, leaving her alone with her infant brother. Princess is peer pressured into being a member of the Russian gang. Her friend Tina picks her up to do a drive by into the Chechen controlled part of town. Princess is forced to shoot at the Chechen kids.

Afterwards, she runs into a Chechen thief Karen. They like each other right from the start and take a walk together. They agree to meet again. Meanwhile the Russians search for Princess and the Chechens look for Karen. Read more..


This film presents a drama that takes place against the background of ethnic differences. As President Putin says, “Russia has a historical mission – to reunite an earlier and friendlier population and to eradicate the ethnic strife that emerged following the collapse of the Soviet when an enormous country broke into minute parts.” In that sense, a modern film of first love taking place within a country experiencing drastic social change appears to be more than relevant. Unfortunately, issues dealing with ethnic and religious hatred are painfully poignant in the contemporary world which is experiencing a surge of conflicts in numerous countries, not just in Russia.

I decided to exclude the portrayal of adults in this film. There are only a few scenes where adults are present, yet still their faces are not exposed. The camera is held lower to the ground so as to portray the children’s point of view. I must note that Maxim Osadchiy, the director of photography did a remarkable job, artistically and technically.

Actors who are 10 to 13 years of age portray the most famous love story of all time. This was not done to simply shock the audience. In fact, the age group chosen for the lead roles was intentional and justified. Because the world in which these “children” find themselves is a result of historical and social change, there, children grow up much faster and take over many of the roles that their own parents were to serve.

In my opinion, this story is especially significant in the current political climate because children are the primary victims of ethnic hatred. I strongly believe that a picture such as “Princess’ War” could have a strong impact on our society and the future formation of a proper moral climate.


XX-th Festival of Russian Films in Сologne

Dear friends, I am sharing with you another good news. At XX-th Festival of Russian Films in Сologne our film "Princess' War" got a prestigious prize "Best Film". Our film already got eight awards. Thank you for your support!

Week of the Russian cinema in Germany

The movie "Princess' War" takes part in a Week of the Russian cinema in Germany which these days opens in Cologne. The film will be shown on May 9, 2014 in 18 hours 30 min. at Film Forum in museum Ludwig.

Best Director

At XIX Samara International Children Film Festival which was over yesterday "Princess' War" got a prestigious award for best directing.
It's already the 7-th award for our movie.

Good news from Spain!

“Princess’ War” won Grand-Prize at “Gifts of the Magi” Barcelona International Children’s and Youth Film Festival.

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