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Producer, film director, and writer, Vladimir Alenikov with the participation of the international charitable fund, Bright Future International (BFI) has completed the feature film, “Princess’ War.”

The film is a variation of the eternal theme of “Romeo and Juliet.” It tells the story of the first love between a Caucasian boy and a Russian girl occurring within an environment of extreme hostility and violence which surrounds them. As a result of the social, economic, and political climate, they are forced to defend their rights.

The subject of ethnic strife is especially relevant today, when many countries are experiencing periodic bursts of ethnic and religious hatred. There is good reason to believe that “Princess’ War” can become an important cultural and social phenomenon in the sense. The film could evoke strong interest and emotion from future audience members and in turn influence specifically those young adults who have gotten used to blindly imitating the adults in front of them.



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