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Monday. A girl nicked named Princess lives in Moscow’s suburban town “Rentgen”, which is divided between a local Russian gang and a Chechen refugee’s gang.

Princess’ parents leave town during the week to make money in Moscow, leaving her alone with her infant brother. Princess is peer pressured into being a member of the Russian gang. Her friend Tina picks her up to do a drive by into the Chechen controlled part of town. Princess is forced to shoot at the Chechen kids.

Afterwards, she runs into a Chechen thief Karen. They like each other right from the start and take a walk together. They agree to meet again. Meanwhile the Russians search for Princess and the Chechens look for Karen.

Tuesday. Someone is slipping Princess the jewels. She believes it may be Karen. Her friend Katka arrives, she too is part of the Russian gang. A detective stops by for questioning regarding the incident, which took place the night before. Princess leaves Katka in charge of her infant brother and runs off with Karen. The Chechen gang interrupts their date. They make plans for the following day. The princess gets home just as her parents arrive from work. Princess goes into her room where she listens to music as she dreams of Karen.

Wednesday. Princess gets a present, a kitty. Katka shows up asking for help. She needs to get a gun to kill her stepfather who molests her from time to time. At the same time gas grenades ambush the Russian gang’s hideout spot. Later Princess spends the entire day with Karen and asks him for help finding a gun. Karen premises to deliver. He asks her to return home with him by the Caspian Sea, because the life in this town sucks anyways. She says yes. When Princess comes home, she finds that her brother has given her kitty to a local slut that he’s been banging.

Thursday. Princess gets a set of earring as a gift. She meets Karen who takes her to his house to meet his parents. They’re not home. He gives her a gun that he had stolen from the leader of their gang. The gun needs to be returned the following day; otherwise Karen would be in big trouble. Princess gives the gun to Katka who doesn’t have enough guts after all to go through with the killing.

Friday. Princess and Katka meet up with the Russian gang members. Suddenly the Chechens do a drive by. During the shoot out Katka gets wounded. Princess gets mad at Karen saying he had something to do with the drive by. Princess and her friend Tina go to the hospital to visit the wounded. Princess tries to get the gun back to return in to Karen. Russians come up with a retaliation plan. Princess is shocked to hear that. She is scared for Karen’s life.

Saturday. Princess goes to the Chechens hideout in order to warn them of the Russian plan. However her life is endangered and she runs off. Kuliok, a Russian gang member, tells Princess that he knows of her and Karen. He tells her he’ll keep quiet as long as Princess agrees to be his girlfriend. Princess blows him off. She calls the cops and tells her of the plan to attack. She goes to Katka’s house and takes back the gun. Meanwhile the Chechen’s gang leader, who has found out about the missing gun, is looking for Karen, he wants to punish him. Other Chechens gang members are trying to find Karen.

Tipped off by Princess, the cops arrest the majority of the Russian gang. But few of them escape, including Red. Red tells Princess that the remaining Russians won’t forgive her. Red offers his help to take Princess out of town. He was the one who gave her the earrings and the jewelry. (The kitty came from Karen). He hides Princess in an abandoned nightclub overnight and leaves. Princess finds Karen and both of them return to the nightclub.

Sunday. In the morning Red finds Karen next to Princess. At first a fight breaks out, then Red tells them that he’ll help both of them. However they are going to need money. Red and Karen break into an apartment and rob the place. Red doesn’t tell him that the place belongs to his parents. Red’s plan is to take the money himself and skip town together with Princess, while he turns Karen over to the remaining members of the Russian gang. He tells Karen to wait for him and Princess behind a train station while he gets them tickets. The Russians show up and find Karen. Princess sense he’s in danger and runs to join him. A gunfight breaks out. Karen gets killed in action, however he’s still alive in Princess’ mind who imagines them leaving for the Caspian Sea.

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