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• “This is a wonderful film, a true work of art. Since Rolan Bykov's “The Scarecrow” (“Chuchelo”), I haven’t seen anything as strong as this film on the subject of youths.” – Evgeniy Yamburg, Honorary Professor of the Russian Federation; Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

• “Vladimir Alenikov addresses one of the most acute and severe problems of the modern world – the worlds of adults, teenagers, and children. Hopefully, the bright yet sharp social message of this film will not be left unanswered. Instead, I hope the film will resonate in our hearts as well as force us to think about how to love and how to remain human in all circumstances, at the very least for the sake of our children.” – Evgeniy Bunimovich, Honorary Professor of the Russian Federation; Commissioner for Children’s Rights for the City of Moscow

• “’Princess’ War’ is a much needed film in today’s world. I am confident that this film will help young people avoid terrible mistakes. The creators of this film produced an incredibly significant work of art. There is a real sense of time and space created by the depth in each of the scenes. This film should be held as a highly elevated example of cinematic art, one which the younger generation of film directors should s3trive to achieve.” – Andrey Sirotenko, Film Director and Cameraman.

• “Our history of cinema is receiving a rare motion picture addressing adolescents. Further, adolescent members of the audience recognize themselves on the screen as a result of which they are called to think about national hostility from which children themselves are the primary victims.” – Daniel Dondurei, Editor-in-Chief of “Cinema Art” magazine; Member of the Russian Federation’s Presidential Council for Civil Institutions Addressing Society and Human Rights

• “’Princess’ War’ is a terrific film that will forever remain in the memories of those who watch it. Alenikov managed to create an extremely serious yet necessary film for our times and the world’s international community. It is sure to remain a classic.” – Michael Kazinik, Musician, Cultural Expert, and Writer

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